A few of our favorite things!

Greetings from the dogs in the Monday classes! We want to show you some of our favorite things, and our foster home trainers helped w/taking the pics.

Miko (John Litch) – Kol x Niko (4-9-2013)

Lanie (Susan Martiny), Truman (Sara Mullaney), Jaya (Lorrie O’Neal) – Isaac x Elise (6-7-2013)

Elska (Mary Tiegen), Bauer (Jolene Jackelen), Foster (Mary Ann Mead), Maui (Lori Braun-Ruschmeyer), Brinkley (Corrine McCuskey), Zara (Jenny Beem), Sybil (Heidi Hoefs), Maple (Diane Crannell) – Briggs x Hope (10-1-13)


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Pics of our latest litter!

The Lambeau x Elise litter is readying to go to their foster home trainers next week! Caretaker home Susan Martiny and family have been providing lots of experiences for the puppies, including outdoor adventures as captured in these photos.

Helping Paws welcomes new foster home trainers Monica Vogel, Erin Hamman, and the Douglas Dart family; new caretaker home Kathy Freeland; and returning foster home trainers Jeanne Jones & Larry Buckley, Karen & Alan Hupp, Ranae & Chuck Noble, and Carol & Tom Lamoureux.

Pics courtesy of Judy Michurski.

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Puppies in Packs

Ain’t nuthin’ cuter than a Helping Paws puppy-in-training in its official Helping Paws pack. The “A” litter, Matthew x Turtle, received their packs last week. A few of the pups marked the occasion by appearing @ the Noland Cup @ Bent Creek Golf Club on Monday.

As you can see in the photos, the puppies are working hard on paying attention to their foster home trainers. They did take time, however, to greet their fans.

Thanks to foster home trainers Laurie Harkness w/Abbott, Gloria Sather w/Augustina, Chris Pederson w/Ash, and Roger Gustafson w/Audi for attending

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Wag Walk and Wedding!!!

Best wishes to Judy Hovanes, foster home trainer for Scout (Ozzy x Izzy), and Tim FitzPatrick on their upcoming wedding! Judy’s sisters hosted a “shower with a difference” for Judy…a fundraiser for Helping Paws. The event included a walk, and guests pledged donations to Helping Paws. $500 was raised to sponsor a litter in Judy and Tim’s names. How pawsome is that!

Pics courtesy of Nancy Hovanes.

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Helping Paws welcomes its latest litter of Golden Retriever puppies! Six males and two females were born July 10th to Elise. Sire is Lambeau.

This is our second Lambeau x Elise litter, and we are very grateful to Jessie Douglas for the donation of Lambeau as a sire once again. Caretaker home is Susan Martiny and family – this is Susan’s third Helping Paws litter w/Elise. Susan’s daughter Elizabeth is already socializing the pups.

Interested in being a foster home trainer for Helping Paws? we are planning one more litter this year. Contact Jo: jsorensen@helpingpaws.org.

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The Ozzie x Izzy litter turned 2 years old on Saturday. Dog-in-training Ernie, w/foster home trainers Heather and Steve, hosted a grand party. The people hung out under tents, and the dogs could not get enough of the rain, the toys and the pool…@ least until the dog treats appeared.

Even w/out packs and gentle leaders, these dogs still knew their skills. Dogs will be dogs, tho’, and the humans had coats to bathe and brush last evening!

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Team Training Field Trip

Class field trips are an important part of team training. Several times over the 3-week course, the class and staff participate in sessions away from the training center. Since our graduates will be out in public w/their dogs for many activities, we choose a variety of locations around the metro. Field trips offer the opportunity for the recipients to practice handling of the dogs in environments w/many more distractions than the classroom!

Today’s field trip was to RidgeHaven Mall. The teams worked in a grocery store, a book store and a department store. The dogs were attentive to the recipients, and the individuals showed great skill and patience in new places.

The group gathered for coffee and conversation @ the end of the day. It was wonderful to see such relaxed teams!

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