Puppy Update

The potato puppies are two weeks old today. Their eyes and ears are starting to open. They are sitting and walking. They are growing like weeds, and most importantly, they are really, really cute.

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Lola is still being an excellent mother and Lola’s caretaker home is having tons of fun puppy watching and caring for their little potato patch.

And if these little guys aren’t enough cuteness for you, River, a Golden Retriever in the HP breeding program is due this Wednesday, May 4, and it was just confirmed that Sheba, a Labrador Retriever, is also pregnant and due June 1.  Lots more puppies and puppy photos to come.

2 thoughts on “Puppy Update

  1. Lu says:

    Thanks for sharing these awesome pics! My favorite is the little one sleeping on its back with its tail all tucked in. So cute!

  2. Mrs. Anderson says:

    We love to see all the puppies grow! Thanks for the updated pictures!
    -Kyler’s 2nd Grade Class

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